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[VIDEO] The next generation of APM software is here!

Meridium Enterprise APM v4.0 is the enabler of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as it provides a platform for the integration of data from existing and new sources; conversion of that data into actionable information to predict how and when an asset will fail; and the recommendation of actions for the prevention of asset failure.

[WHITEPAPER] A process reliability platform for the Industrial Internet of Things

Discover how the Industrial Internet and Intelligent Asset Strategies are allowing industrial organizations to maximize their business without sacrificing productivity, profitability, or safety.

[CASE STUDY] SABIC Adopts APM Culture on the Path to Manufacturing Excellence
APM helps optimize reliability on a global scale to achieve a 12X improvement in pipe MTBF

To instill an APM culture across the organization, SABIC trained more than 20,000 (or half) of its employees in the concepts of APM. Growth analysis tracked effectiveness of APM to improve asset MTBF.  Studies proved an improvement in MTBF for pipes from 172 days to more than 2,125 days, a 1135% improvement. Studies also verified a reduction in both leak rate and number of failures.