June 2014
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Meridium APM and the Digital Revolution: Driving Data from the Plant Floor to the C-Suite
By Eddie Amos, Meridium

A few years ago, we started talking about big data and connectivity.  We saw that revolution coming. Working with partners like Meridium and Accenture, is there now a better way for the C-Suite to use the real-time information that is available on the shop floor?

How ISO 55000 Leads to Better Efficiency and Greater Profitability
By Marc Laplante, Meridium

ISO 55000 helps plant professionals create a strategic plan around asset use and maintenance, allowing repairs and replacements to be planned with minimal disruption to operations. ISO 55000 also creates the opportunity to invest strategically in physical assets, rather than react once something goes wrong.

Ensuring Asset Performance and Reliability of Equipment under Long-Term Service Agreements

You maintain your own assets, right? Well, could you also create new revenue streams by offering to maintain the equipment that you sell to others? Meridium plays a supporting role to many service providers, helping them manage critical asset data to keep their equipment running at peak efficiency.