September 2014
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Nexen talks about Meridium
Users weigh in on the advantages of Nexen's new reliability software

Nexen, one of our customers, discusses the advantages of using APM to improve the performance of their production assets, “We needed to take reliability to the next level of maturity,” says Rob Vesak, Reliability Manager. “As a starting point, we have to manage production losses resulting from equipment failures.”

Applying Mechanical Integrity and Inspection in Asset Performance Management (APM)
Michael Warren, Mechanical Integrity Product Manager, Meridium

Providing a simpler way to leverage performance management steps with software helps both Oil & Gas industry practitioners and executives develop and manage an effective asset strategy while making more intelligent equipment decisions based on industry experience.

Oil & Gas Asset Improvement Strategies Driven by Data Mining
Paul R. Casto, VP, Consulting & the Meridium Institute, Matthew Markham, Consultant Professional Services, Meridium

Applying data mining techniques to the data generated by that technology can be used to drive asset improvement strategies in oil and gas production, distribution and refining.