December 2014
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Meridium Conference 2015: Simply Connected
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Imagine that all of your assets communicated flawlessly with each other, and actionable information could be accessed anywhere, at all levels in the organization, and on an enterprise level. 

Meridium NR-13 Compliance
Michael Warren, Meridium Product Manager - Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity (MI) is a legal requirement for a large portion of Brazil’s manufacturing industries. Balancing inspection costs with regulatory compliance can only be achieved by understanding the risk that an asset poses to a manufacturing facility.

Case Study: Upstream Petroleum Company uses APM to create a Risk-Driven Maintenance Strategy
Meridium used at several company sites for global asset-strategy-development initiative

A major upstream integrated petroleum and natural gas company establishes a corporate global standardized work flow for entering inspection data and developing equipment strategies.

Leverage Evolving Technology for Innovation, Management and Business Growth
Jayesh Verma, Meridium Market Research Analyst

Will the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) turn out to be a big revolution in manufacturing? We can provide a step-by-step guide to field workers using wearable technology, what might fail and how to fix it. But the real advantage still lacking is providing the ‘why and how failure occurs’.